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Multi commerce Fzc has also been dealing in import / export of various grades / qualities of sugar. The sugar is mainly derived out of some great sugar heavens like India, Pakistan, Brazil & Thailand.

White Sugar – ( Medium/Bold Grain )

There are many different types of granulated sugar. Some of these are used in the food industry and professional bakers. The type of granulated sugar differs in crystal size. Each crystal size provides unique functional characteristic that make sugar appropriate for a specific food & special need.

White Sugar (Fine Sugar )

Regular or white sugar as it is known to consumers is the sugar found in every homes sugar bowl and most commonly in home food preparation. White sugar is the sugar called for in most cook book recipes.

VHP Sugar

The most common sugar produced in Brazil as the brown raw sugar and also known as very high polarity (vhp) sugar. Technically in the VHP sugar results rating colour / quality Icumsa 600 – 1200 according to Icumsa ( International commission for uniform methods of sugar analysis) classification – Brazilian rating is the most widely used system and could vary from 45 to 2600, what represents highly refined granulated sugar and very raw sugar respectively.

Refined Sugar

This is the most highly form of sugar and has a sparkling white colour. Most often type sold direct to consumers in the form of sugar cubes, bags of sugar, and sugar sachets. It is also typically exported in sacks and used in the manufacturing of food products such as soft drinks or retail products and drugs. Icumsa rating could vary from 45 to 1000, what represents highly refined granulated sugar and very raw sugar respectively

Brown Sugar

It retains some of the surface molasses syrup, which imparts a characteristics pleasurable flavor, dark brown sugar has a deeper colour and stronger molasses flavor than light brown sugar. Lighter types are generally used in baking and making butterscotch, condiments and glazes. The rich, full flavor of dark brown sugar makes it good for gingerbread, mincemeat, baked beans and other full flavored foods. Also brown sugar tends to clump because it contains more moisture than white sugar.